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Then you must FAX or MAIL your contact lens prescription 

FAX 817- 861-3914

Arlington, TX 76011. 

     Registered users can also call  to   ORDER your lenses.



As is a subsidiary of  TEXAS EYE PHYSICIANS, PA., a licensed provider  of  complete ophthalmologic services including cataract and LASIK surgery, glasses and contact lens, you can feel confidant that you are ordering your contacts from a most trusted source.  Unlike the other online contact retailers, who sell only the most commonly prescribed contacts, we  have all brands of contacts including (ACCUVUE, FOCUS, OPTIMA, EXTREME H2O, SUNSOFT,  BIOMEDICS, ALL BRANDS OF RIGID GAS PERM, AND MANY MORE).   Your new lenses are sent to you from the same source as the contacts for our own patients.  

 Contact lenses are medical devices that require thorough testing to ensure accuracy and safety. After your initial Visual Assessment and Health Exam, the Doctor can discuss contact lens options and schedule you for a fitting session. This includes evaluation of the lenses on your eyes to ensure good ocular health as well as optimal vision. Included in new fittings are free trial lenses and 30 days of unlimited follow-up visits to ensure continued success.   Standard fitting fees ( $60 )apply for soft disposable lenses that correct basic nearsightedness.   Specialty fitting fees  ( $60-$85) apply for patients that wear more difficult prescriptions such as bifocals, astigmatism, or rigid gas permeable lenses. . Upon completion of the fitting, the patient may purchase a supply of lenses for the remainder of the year.  Each year a contact lens maintenance exam is required  by state law to keep your contact lens prescription current.

We can only sell you contact lenses that you currently have a valid prescription for and are wearing comfortably.  Before you can buy the contacts however we must verify your contact lens prescription.  For NEW customers, please fax your current contact lens prescription  to (817 ) 861 3914.   Prescriptions over one year old will not be honored. 

After we have received and verified your prescription ( usually within 24 hrs) you can register online or call 1800 NEED LENSES or (866-633-3536) to order your contacts. The contacts will be shipped by first class mail or rush if you prefer.   Shipping fees apply.


Have your eyes examined regularly and follow your eye care  professional's instructions in the proper care and usage for your lenses. IF YOU ARE HAVING ANY UNEXPLAINED EYE DISCOMFORT, WATERING, VISION CHANGE OR REDNESS, REMOVE YOUR LENSES IMMEDIATELY AND CONSULT YOUR EYE DOCTOR BEFORE WEARING YOUR LENSES AGAIN.