Toric, ReStor, Symfony, PanOptix Lens, ORA

Toric Lens


At Texas Eye Physicians, PA, we also offer ReSTOR, Toric ,  Symfony , and PanOptix lens for the treatment of  cataract and presbyopia  for a spectacle free lifestyle.  To reduce the patient's need for glasses, an  intraocular lens   matching the patient's prescription  is inserted into the eye during cataract surgery ( see our section on cataract surgery).  During this procedure, we have the ability  to implant lenses, like the Acrysoft Toric IOL, than can correct corneal  astigmatism that before required glasses or toric contact lens.  As a  result, after surgery many patients will be less dependent on glasses  for driving.    

ReStor Lens / Technis/ Symfony Lens


 As an alternative, we can also place a bifocal ALCON  ReSTOR IOL, or Technis Symfony lens to allow the patient to see far and near.   The three bifocal types of  Restor lens comes in the distance centered +2.50 that allows monofocal like distance vision  and intermediate vision.   The +3 and soon to be discontinued +4 ReStor have a near center and distance outer ring that allows  better near vision than the +2.50 ReStor.  These lens also comes as a toric to correct astigmatism.  

PanOptix ora toric symfony restor cataract surgery


The only FDA approved trifocal PanOptix lens allows the patient to see distance for driving, intermediate distance like for computer and read a book without glasses.   This lens also comes  as  toric for the correction of astigmatism.  


Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA)

ORA is a sophisticated novel system that helps further achieve enhanced IOL power accuracy in cataract surgery.

ORA determines the true refractive state of the eye intraoperatively immediately following cataract removal (and hence the optimum IOL power required) and can confirm the refractive state of the eye immediately after that IOL has been implanted. This means the optimum power and axis of the IOL can be verified, or modified if required, at the time of surgery.

Currently ORA is used as a tool to verify preoperative IOL power calculation techniques rather than to replace them. is a sophisticated device used to provide real time measurements of the patient's eye–during cataract surgery, not possible with today's conventional instruments.   Call our office to schedule an  appointment to determine if you are a candidate for these premium Lifestyle lenses and technology  that will reduce your need for glasses at (817) 8613937.